Beers We Aren’t Drinking Anymore

A collection of beers from Tangled Roots Brewery in Seneca.

If you are a regular listener to the show, you know that I am a champion of locally produced craft beers and spirits. And I know many of you are as well!

Research has proven it. Here are the beer brands we’re just not drinking anymore, according to a new study.

The website 24/7 Wall Street analyzed beer sales over the past five years to figure out the brands we’re just not drinking anymore.  And here are the top 5 . .

  1. Bud Light Lime.  Sales are down 35.5% over the past five years.


  1. Keystone Light, down 26.2%.


  1. Miller High Life, down 24.1%.


  1. Natural Light, down 23%.


  1. Budweiser, down 22.2%.

So what are we drinking to replace them?  Obviously craft beers are huge, but some macrobrews are also seeing big growth.  The sales numbers for Stella Artois and Modelo are both up over 200% in the past five years.

Are you a beer drinker? If so, how have your habits changed over the last few years?



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