This burglar’s M.O. made it really easy for police to catch him!

It really seems like the more fool-proof a criminal thinks their weird idea is, the more likely they are to get caught!

35-year-old Randy Brunelle from Plymouth, Massachusetts is a burglar, and his strategy was to read the obituaries, figure out when a dead person’s relatives would be at the funeral, and then rob their houses.

He’d actually been busted for doing it before, too. In 2012, he broke into a police officer’s house while he was attending his mother’s funeral. Randy got 18 months in jail for that, and you might think that if that’s what you’re known for doing, you’d try something else, or just stop completely. Instead, Randy’s went back to his burgling ways as the “Obit Bandit.”

So when the funeral burglaries started happening again, the police were prepared, and they caught Randy in the act on Friday. He’s facing several charges, including felony breaking and entering.


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