Cholera Pie… It’s Dee-Lish!

This is the 1800’s recipe from the cholera epidemic, which my husband and I saw while watching PBS (seriously, we cannot get enough of PBS!). It was a documentary about winter in Switzerland. We decided that our family should have our own Cholera Pie. So I sort of cheated by using the crescent rolls that you buy in that cardboard cylinder. I did make the filling, from scratch. In a stove pot, I simmered the frozen ham from Christmas, a large can of cream of celery soup, a can of peas, a can of carrots & broth. We cut up celery and onion to taste, and added. While that stewed, I lined the Dutch oven pot, & the inside of a pie tin, with the crescent rolls – about three of those cylinders. Once golden, I poured in the filling and put on the top layer of crescent rolls. So easy! So good!



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