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Jeepers! SCOOBY-DOO and the Mystery Inc. Gang have been called in to help solve an epic mystery in Joliet. A trouble-making ghost is haunting a local theater and SHAGGY, FRED, DAPHNE, VELMA and SCOOBY-DOO are on their way in the MYSTERY MACHINE to help solve it!

But First....We have a mystery of our own!

Coopy Doo! Where are you?

Each day this week we will post a new picture of Josh Cooper and The Mystery Machine somewhere in the listening area. Take a guess by filling out the form below. Answer correctly and you will have a shot at winning tickets to Scooby Doo -  Live Musical Mysteries at the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet on Sunday, March 10th!

Full Name:
Street Address:
Day Phone:
E-Mail Address:
Where is Coopy Doo?:


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