Win a 40-Day Weight Loss System from Vitality

• The New Year has come and gone…. How is your resolution commitment going? Are you still sweating in the gym, and stepping on the scale to find that the pounds just aren’t melting away?
• It may be time to check out Vitality Health Systems and their revolutionary weight loss product, Nutrimost. Now is the PERFECT time to get serious about your health, and lose the weight ONCE AND FOR ALL.
• A few people around the station, including Scott Childers, have been working with Vitality Health Systems of New Lenox and have had TONS of success on their Nutrimost fat loss system
• This is seriously the last diet you’ll ever need- the team at Vitality Health Systems in New Lenox gives you all the tools you need to succeed- through meal planning tips, recipes, and daily texts and phone calls to keep you on track
• Customized weight solution for YOU- BECAUSE OF TECHNOLOGY The Nutrimost fat loss scan has been programmed to give your body the nutritional tools it needs to help you lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF. Nutrimost is able to get your body into the perfect fat burning zone, where you will lose 20-40 or more pounds in only 40 days.

• Star 96.7 is partnering with Vitality Health Systems of New Lenox to giveaway a 40-day weight loss system that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. This isn’t just about looking and feeling good… you will. This is about prioritizing your health and your future!

• This program has a $2,000+ value. Seriously. You can get this massive prize for free! All you need to do is log onto and tell us your story. Why are you serious about your weight loss NOW? Why do you deserve this massive, life-changing gift? We’ll choose one story that stands out from the rest, and we’ll introduce you to this life-saving, fat burning system…. FOR FREE

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