Could GM be putting an extra distraction into their new cars?

There’s been a huge push over the last few years to cut down on distracted driving, since we have all this data about how dangerous it is, but it looks like GM is going the opposite way. They just announced a feature that’s coming to new Buicks, Cadillacs, Chevrolets, and GMCs: shopping in the car.

They’re going to put a touchscreen on the dashboard where you can order things like food and gas at places including Dunkin’ Donuts, TGI Fridays, Shell, ExxonMobil, and Starbucks.

The feature isn’t designed to make your life easier, though. GM admitted they created it because the stores are upset that people spend a bunch of time driving everyday and not shopping.

A spokesman for GM said, “For most retailers and brands, the daily commute is the only time not accessible in a consumers’ day. The new marketplace gives merchants the ability to safely engage with drivers and passengers.”

If this all sounds like it’ll cause more distractions, GM seems to think it won’t. They say they’ve designed it so it’s easy and only takes a few touches to keep it from being too distracting.



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