Ladies, you should definitely use this as ammo in any argument about chores!

According to new research, there’s a limit on how much housework women can do before it becomes bad for their health. However, men can basically do unlimited chores, and it doesn’t make a difference.

Women who did more than three hours of chores a day were up to 25% more likely to have their health compromised, but that much housework didn’t seem to have any effect on men.

It might be because the types of chores men do tend to be more active and physical, and they can boost their immunity. They also tend to be less repetitive. For example, fixing stuff around the house is more mentally stimulating than doing the dishes every night.

The average woman in the study did 3 hours and 40 minutes of chores a day, which is 40 minutes more than what they should do, according to the research. The average guy only did 90 minutes of chores a day.


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