New in Theaters: “Spider-Man: Homecoming, A Ghost Story”

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Spider-Man: Homecoming  (PG-13)

Tom Holland takes his second turn as Peter Parker, in his first stand-alone Marvel movie.  He’s 21 now, but was only 19 when he appeared in “Captain America: Civil War”.

“Homecoming” takes place a few months after the events in “Civil War”, which means he’s already got his high tech suit.

Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans are both in this one.

While Peter’s trying to learn how to be a hero, Michael Keaton comes onto the scene as a new villain.  He plays a character called the Vulture, who salvaged some alien tech from the first “Avengers” movie to make advanced weaponry and a flying suit.

Marisa Tomei plays Peter’s Aunt May, and Stan Lee returns for his traditional cameo.

Zendaya, Donald Glover and Hannibal Burress are also in it.


A Ghost Story  (R)

Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara are a couple separated by his death.  He secretly haunts her as she grieves and learns to move on with her life without him.  But in the afterlife he actually looks like a ghost in a white sheet with eye holes cut out.

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