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The 2013 Grammy Winners

Feb 12, 2013 -- 2:30pm

Album of the Year:  "Babel"Mumford & Sons


Record of the Year:  "Somebody That I Used to Know"Gotye featuring Kimbra


Song of the Year:  "We Are Young"Fun featuring Janelle Monáe


Best New Artist:  Fun


Best Pop Album:  "Stronger"Kelly Clarkson


Best Traditional Pop Album:  "Kisses on the Bottom"Paul McCartney


Best Pop Solo Performance:  "Set Fire to the Rain [Live]"Adele


Best Pop Performance By a Duo or Group:  "Somebody That I Used To Know"Gotye featuring Kimbra


You can sort through the winners in ALL 81 CATEGORIES at Grammy.com.


Hurricane Sandy

Oct 29, 2012 -- 11:51am
For friends and family in the path of Sandy, Google has created an aptly named "Crisis Map" showing the path of the storm and other vital information.

Find it here: http://google.org/crisismap/sandy-2012

At Siegel's Cottonwood Farm with the Pumpkin Princess!

Sep 24, 2012 -- 3:08pm

What a gorgeous day! Thanks for stopping by to see us!

Lady Gaga tattoo!

Sep 19, 2012 -- 11:24am

I told you about it on the radio and now...here it is!

Lady Gaga had an image of a cherub wearing a crown etched into the back of her head at New York's Solomon R Guggenheim Museum as part of the launch for her new perfume Fame, and tattooist Mark Mahoney says the design is a nod to her Italian roots.

"It's kind of a Renaissance era cherub, a nod to her Italian heritage," Mark - who was helped by his assistant Wes Brown - explained.

So what do you think of it! Let's talk! Shoot me an email at mo@star967.net

So Glad To Be Here!

Sep 07, 2012 -- 7:19pm

Thanks for all your gracious comments and welcomes! Looking forward to entertaining you every day between 9 and 2! Please stay in touch and tell me about what is going on in your world! mo@star96.7.net!


Maura is from here, just like you. And like all of us, there was that one moment in her life that changed everything...

One day, her typical Chicago dad put a tape-recorder microphone in front of Mo, his two-year-old little babbler--and the rest is history! Visits to her nearby park from WLS's Uncle Lar & Little Tommy (along with "Hey Kool-Aid!") while she was growing up made radio even more enticing to her! So, her next step was on to the high school stage, and then off to S.I.U. to study broadcasting. Now, a few years later, she has a fancy paper which says she can wiggle to STAR 96.7 for a living! Mo thinks that, "on-air and online is a great way to hang out, together, and get things done."

While YOU are running around trying to get it all together...or even trying to stay in one spot, and on task...Maura really is, too! Mo has three boys--one at S.I.U., one in high school, and one still in diapers! She has a fancy new husband (plus an old cat and a new dog), and every day, it gets nuts! From the daily job at STAR, to helping with homework, to potty-training, to giving advice to her “new adult” child, life never gets dull!  Just like you, Maura says it's practically impossible to sit down for dinner together every night of the week. But with a record of about 5-outta-7, the family is able to keep connected.

Even though her household is split-down-the-middle sports-wise, that is another moment to connect. It may be Sox vs. Cubs, but "peace" returns for Bears, Wolves, and the "Hox"!!

Weekends, Mo's men disperse to golf, Xbox, and Elmo—and that's when Mo gets some “me time”. That's when the exclusive boutiques, consignment shops, and charity stores are scoured! Waterford crystal for 50-cents? Done!

Since Mo's Dad has passed, his fellow veterans have become Maura's favorite group to support and promote -- along with all victims of PTSD, and anyone who needs the help of NAMI.  

Listen and connect with Maura every day, from 9 am to 2 pm. Feel free to email her to share YOUR crazy family stories!

Check out Maura's Work Smarter Not Harder page here!