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Andi K can be heard every weekend on Star 96.7 and enjoys being put in a room with padding all round her where she can talk to you, our listeners without having to pay a co-pay to a therapist! She has been heard on this frequency for almost 15 years and is proud to call it home.

Now being in her, gulp, dare I even put in print, fourth decade, married to a great guy whom she refers to as “the Husband” and a mom of a rather funny and busy son, Andi has a unique, humorous view on how we get through everyday life.

She likes what every mom likes, watching her kid grow, have fun and to find a little sanity every once and a while. But when that doesn’t happen, you can be sure she’ll share it with you, as well as other wild observances from the world of “parentdom” and beyond.   She will also search out the unusual and, well, just plain stupid for you with her “Believe it or Not” weekend report; “I find these things so you don’t have to…”

Andi’s radio career “officially” started back in college when she was chosen to be “Buzz for a Day” on the Jonathon Brandmeier Show back on The LOOP. She was bit by the bug way before, that but that’s when the virus really set in. During her full time tenure that spanned over 10 years in Chicago, she did everything from traffic reporting to various morning show sidekick stunts from chasing the “Stones “ (Flint that is) on Michigan Avenue to being catapulted two stories in the air at the Circus by a bunch of clowns, literally…a bunch of clowns.

During her college internship at a local radio station, she covered the devastating the Plainfield Tornado.  That event made a very strong impression on her. “I met so many people that day who lost so much. I can still recall their stories 20 plus years later. That was an event that will be forever engrained in my mind,” she shares. “I knew that day, that radio can be so powerful in helping our area communities; I wanted to help preserve the importance of that within my career.”

She has had the opportunity to work in Chicago with other radio characters such as John Records Landecker, Roe Conn, Brant Miller, Eddie Schwartz and Steve Cochran. Andi has also interviewed some amazing people from Sheryl Crow to Colin Powell.

Andi likes a bit of TV. She says a “bit of TV” when she can get to it…it’s usually hijacked by “the Husband” and 8 year old with car shows and boy cartoons. As a total News-Hound, she’ll watch CNN when she can and the evening news, “It’s amazing, they have this show that tells stories about what happened THAT DAY!” She is also a fan of Suits, Covert Affairs (she secretly wants to be a CIA spy), Newsroom and anything that makes you think.

Music is key. Andi feels it’s a fantastic expression of your feelings and often an escape from your everyday life. She is a HUGE fan of the band Train and once won a Facebook contest for a private concert before their Chicago show. Later that year, in another contest, she won a signed ukulele by the band. She likes plenty of other artists played on Star 96.7 including Imagine Dragons, KT Tunstall and John Mayer.

To unwind, she loves to travel, spend time with her family, have really good coffee and what every mother’s guilty pleasure is…take a nap!


Kevin has spent his entire life throughout the Midwest.  Living in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and has been in the Western Suburbs of Chicago for more than 15 years.

He’s spent the past 25 years working in radio and the music business.  He and his wife of 20 years own several business’ in the area.  When not at work, Kevin is actively involved in the community.  A Deputy Sheriff with the Will County Sheriff’s Auxiliary, President of the PTO, soccer and softball coach, foster parent and helps out at the local food pantry.

Kevin loves spending time with his 3 young daughters, movies, camping, college football and cooking.




As a youngster, Laura would listen to the radio every night to fall to sleep.  The radio was her companion, filling the quiet night air with sweet sweet music and friendly DJ's.  Perhaps that was when she became drawn to this profession.  Laura is your friend, the one who puts a playful shine on the day's news and plays your favorite songs.  She's the one who rides with you while you drive or keeps you company while you do the dishes.  

Laura grew up in Park Forest.  Maybe you know her.  Her maiden name is Mastny.  She went to Talala and St. Mary's for grade school and Marian Catholic and Crete-Monee High Schools.  She school hopped in college too, finally getting degree in Broadcasting from Western Illinois University.  

Laura, her husband and two teen offspring have settled nicely into their Downers Grove crazy zoo of a house, with a big yellow lab, two cats, a ferret and many fish.  The kids love their schools and nothing compares to being so close to the extended family!    

In her spare time..., Who are we kidding?   Laura has no spare time.  If she had spare time, she would play more tennis, walk the dog, do yoga and initiate world peace, but those things will have to wait until retirement.

In the meantime, Laura is delighted to be a part of the Star 96.7 team! Check her out on Saturday and Sundays.




A lover of music and tropical locales, Evan was born in his birthday suit March 29th in Joliet. Spent his youth growing up in Plainfield and graduating from Plainfield Central. The next 20 something years had him as a union carpenter, building residential homes as well as commercial construction in Chicago. His hobby has always been with radio broadcasting and producing. Finally the chance to pursue his dream in the music and radio world became reality. His big heart and obnoxious laugh is the first thing people notice about him and he brings that big heart and obnoxious laugh to the microphone.


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