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Josh Cooper & Lisa Jordan

Join the fun every weekday morning with Josh Cooper and Lisa Jordan from 5 to 9! They’ll keep you updated on the latest local traffic, and Hollywood headlines, and get your morning moving with music variety! Be sure to also catch The Best of Josh and Lisa, every Saturday morning from 6 to 1o!


Josh grew up in Rockford, and came to Naperville in 2001 to attend North Central College. When he began hosting Star 96.7 middays in 2006, he brought with him a love of music, and his wife, whom he met in high school. Now that he’s hosting mornings, he spends his afternoons playing with his dogs, Katniss and Peeta, and taking care of his “honey-do” list. When Josh isn’t on the air, he enjoys watching movies, collecting records, playing guitar, grilling, and watching the 2016 World Series Champion Cubs, Bulls, Bears, and Blackhawks. Some of his favorite Star 96.7 artists are John Mayer, Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, and Sam Smith.



Lisa learned at the ripe age of 5 years old from the lap of Santa Claus that if you want something in your life badly enough, you only have to wait a whole year, sit on a costumed adult’s lap, and LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

Since she’s obviously pretty warped already, it’s easy to believe that she absolutely lo-oo-oves
dishing about stars with their Hollywood Headlines segment so bright and early each day. Who wouldn’t? She gets to laugh with listeners and with (at) Josh for a living. It’s not go-go dancing, but it’s a fantastic second by her estimates.

Lisa is a good Midwestern gal who’s lived all over our great country, but grew up and got her chops in the shadows of the steel mills of Northwest Indiana before venturing out to work in and explore cities like Boston, Savannah, Charleston, Miami, Charlottesville, and Los Angeles.

She’s sure your dog is adorable, but her Lab, Buddy, (like everyone else’s) is THE BEST DOG EVER. PERIOD. She’s also an improviser and lover of comedy on the stage,having studied and performed at The Second City and iO (Improv Olympic). She has a borderline problem/hobby (is 6 a problem, really?) with collecting rocking chairs, and has caused motion sickness in friends who try to watch her when she’s rocking like it’s her job. She will dig around in any sized chunk of dirt and call it “gardening.” Finally, she is a chatterbox: she wants nothing more than to talk to you on the ol’ telephone or via Facebook to tell you how grateful she is that you’re listening!