The Hottest Internet Search on International Women’s Day Was . . .

This one really makes me wonder. Can’t we just let them have this one, guys?

Yesterday was International Women’s Day.  And according to Google Trends, guess what search term peaks that day every year?  “International MEN’S Day.”

Yup,  it appears poor, oppressed men want to know why women get a day and they don’t.

Except . . . they DO.  International Men’s Day is on November 19th.  But there are WAY fewer Google searches for it around that day.  It’s almost like people get more mileage out of feeling slighted rather than honored.

I appreciate all that women do, and honestly, just “holidays” like Sweetest Day – you shouldn’t need a specific day to appreciate  the women in our lives that do so much…it should be every day!


(Daily Dot)


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