VALENTINE READY! Whether $$$ or $ – Your Love Leads the Way!

Of course, YOUR LOVE is the BEST GIFT.

But here are some great ways to show it:  Easy, and Easy On Your Budget!

  •  PICTURE FRAME – Whether expensive crystal or dollar-store-and-decorated – place a picture of a special moment together, inside.  Or, pop in a “coupon” for something fun (like “18 Kisses, because we met on the 18th!).  Maybe you’ll go super-romantic and include a romantic poem or quote.
  • STEMWARE – Go high budget or low – but make it special with the time you spend on it.  Low-budget glass gets special fast, when you paint on it or tie special ribbons and labels to it.  High-end fancy stuff gets more fun with a Love Coupon in each, or details of an upcoming Date Night or a bottle of your favorite beverage.  Pack them in a basket and prepare it for an Indoor Picnic Date!
  • CANDLE – Maybe it’s the fragrance your partner adores…  Or it’s a battery variety – because the flame lasts without danger – and your sentiments are attached with a ribbon:  “My love for you is an eternal flame… It goes on and on.”                      ~   I wish you a Valentines Day full of love,  Mo


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