When You Think Healthy Food, Do You Think White Castle?

So maybe sliders from White Castle won’t go hand in hand with looking great in your bikini this summer, but there’s a new burger patty on their menu that’s kicking booty and taking names!

White Castle has launched their vegetarian Impossible Slider burger, and the first reviews coming in are good! It’s made with a plant-based patty know as ‘the veggie burger that bleeds’.

Don’t let the description scare you off–it’s a whopping 4 oz patty, which is sizable compared to the slider patties we’ve become so addicted to over the years. The 4 oz patty commands a slightly higher price, too:$1.99 each, as opposed to the Original Slider at .77 cents.

What do you think? Hit the White Castle drive through…for your health?



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