“Where’s Your Supersuit?!”–Dress Up and Win Tickets to Incredibles 2

Meet Jonathan and Will from Joliet:

Will-O-Saurus Rex (aka Will) is a superhero who can turn into a dinosaur–that’s quite a superpower! He can also destroy any room you just cleaned. Moms everywhere know this superpower all to well….

Striker (aka Jonathan)also has an impressive superpower: he can shape shift into any object. Wow! Is that Jonathan we’re talking to, or a mailbox? Hmmm.

These two SUPER-heros are going to the exclusive screening to Incredibles 2 at Emagine Theatre in Frankfort next week for Star 96.7’s big movie night–fun for the whole family!

Submit a picture of your child in ANY KIND of costume on Star 967.net, pick a name and superpower, their alias (real name), and you and your family can enjoy the new Incredibles, too!




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