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NASA will pay people over $18,000 to stay in bed for 2 months

DATELINE: Somewhere in GERMANY –

NASA is willing to pay participants about nearly $19,000 to spend two whole months watching TV in bed.

The German Aerospace Center will select 24 participants to stay asleep while they are subjected to a 60-day observation under bed rest.  Researchers are looking at the effects of “artificial gravity” on the body to see if it may be beneficial to astronauts who spend a long time in space.

The participants will be separated into groups, but all housed in a single room.

The volunteers will do a number of activities lying down; such as eating, watching television, and reading for about $18,565.

Over 18-GRAND?!?  For staying in bed…watching TV for TWO months!  What a GREAT summer job for many teenagers I know!

If you are looking to apply, learn more here!  Thanks ABC7 Chicago for the heads up!