I touched on this story yesterday, but now we have more info….

A 45-year-old guy who goes by the name “Mr. Perfect” got drunk last Friday, and started insulting a woman at a trailer park in Brooksville, Florida.

It’s not clear if they’re involved romantically.  But she was in the middle of making pancakes for dinner.  And he threw a bowl filled with pancake batter at her.

Luckily the bowl missed the woman.  But it shattered, and some of the batter got in her hair, and on her clothes.

The cops came and arrested him for battery.  Yes . . . he threw batter and got arrested for battery. The guy’s real name is Dwayne Zimmerman.  Last we heard, he couldn’t cover his bond and was still in jail.  And it turns out this isn’t the first time he’s been in jail for throwing food.

He has a long rap sheet, including an arrest in 2017 for throwing a gallon of ice cream at his sister.

What is this guys deal with using food as a weapon?