In our house, Ivy Boxer may call the shots many times, however, I would like to think my 13-year-old son outranks the dog!  But then again, the dog may not smell as bad as a teenaged boy….

In a recent poll, 34% of parents said they prefer their pet to their KIDS.  78% said their pet is like part of the family.  And 67% said their pet is their best friend.

There are many signs that signal that you might be too obsessed with your pets:

  • They have their own social media account.  44% of pet owners said it’s over the top.
  • You’ve thrown them a birthday party.
  • You buy them a lot of clothes or accessories.
  • You’d spend more on a special meal for them than you would for yourself.
  • They sleep in bed with you most nights.
  • You’ve worn matching outfits before.
  • You’ve turned down an invitation, because your pet couldn’t come with you.
  • You have more photos of your pet on your phone than any human being.
  • You’ve taken them to a pet spa.
  • You call them your “child” or your “baby.”