Before you say, “I do,” you might want to consider finding the answers to these five questions… to make sure you’ve got the one!

When the topic of kids comes up:  Do you want them?  Does your partner?  How many?  When?  Although this conversation might seem lighthearted, eventually you may want a firm answer.

Talk about finances.  How does your love view money, or want to handle it?  Will you be combining finances?  Is there some debt to consider – small or large?  For either of you?  Money issues are a big cause of divorce.

Make sure you know how they get along with friends and family, or how they speak of others.  Find out how compatible you are with physical touch.  Do you both like holding hands?  Do you expect a goodnight kiss?

Lastly, know how your partner acts during a crisis, whether it’s stress from travel, around the holidays, or dealing with something at work.

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