Friday marked the first official day of summer and 70% of parents say they’re STRESSED about the summer, according to a new survey . . . and the majority of them say they’d be fine sending their kids back to school after just one week off.

The top reasons we are stressed?   We still have to work while our kids are off . . . it’s hard to plan and schedule everything . . . and the cost of summer activities can add up fast.  And let’s face it …. Unless they are in something all day long – these little half day “camps” are really just expensive workshops that add more stress for the 8 hour a day working parent.

That’s why I implemented the “Summer of Life Skills Camp” for my 13 year old son.

PLENTY of interesting activities from Horticulture, i.e. watering plants, to Literature Hour, i.e. read a book, to Fashion…which is also known as laundry.

If you want to check out this article from Yahoo Finance, not the Life Skills Camp Schedule, click here.