Betty White passes away weeks before turning 100

Our National Treasure, Oak Park, IL native, Betty White, passed away today 12/31/21 – just weeks away from turning 100 on January 17th.

The award-winning actress recently spoke with People Magazine and shared that the secret to her longevity is to always find the positive in her life and to avoid anything green in her diet.

I was lucky enough to have my grandmother until she was 103 and her secret was a glass of beer a night and a “little bit of brandy.”  Betty White and my grandma also shared the same birthday.

Hmmmm….they say we should listen to the wisdom of our elders – so be a positive person, forget the broccoli and bring on the beer and brandy.  That’s not what my doctor says…but I just might go with it.

You’ll see many posts about it – here’s the news from ABC 7 Chicago, just click here.