A Coffee Here, Some Take-out There Adds Up to THOUSANDS Each Year!

If you live a grab-and-go lifestyle–a cup of java here and Chinese take-out there–you might need to rethink how often you open your purse or wallet. A new study from Bankrate.com shows the average person spends almost $3,000 a year eating out and grabbing coffee. Supposedly, we eat out and grab drinks like coffees or smoothies about 2 1/2 times a week each.

If you’re a take-out kind of person, then your average money spent is $19.58 each time. So! If you’re a 2.5 times-a-weeker, that means you’re letting someone else doing the cooking 125 times a year costing $2,443!

Smoothies and coffee are more your speed? Same thing: at 2.5 times a week spending $3.72 each time, you’re dropping about $484 a year just on those extras.

What do you buy outside of the house the most that probably adds up to more than you realize?



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