A Fun Family Trip to Gatorland!

My family and I just got back from a super fun vacation to the Orlando, Florida area! While we were there we had the opportunity to visit Gatorland for the very first time!  We were pretty excited to go there to meet two Gators that were from the Chicagoland area!!  We met David who was found by a fisherman in Lake Michigan and we met Cassanova who was found in a drug house out in Chicago!  We were excited to see how they were both doing in their new forever homes!  We learned so many facts about gators and my oldest son Mason asked some pretty fun questions and really enjoyed his time there!  His favorite part was their Albino gator. He thought it was so cool that it was a different color than all the other ones!  We saw a bunch of gators ranging in all different sizes which was pretty fun to compare them! We even took this fun train ride where my son also saw a snake in its natural habitat. The train ride was probably my little guy Austin’s favorite part aside from the petting zoo.  Overall we had so much fun at Gatorland and would recommend this place to anybody especially those with young kids!

I had the chance to interview Savannah from Gatorland and you can hear the entire interview here!! She talks about the rescue of the gators from Chicago and how they are thriving now along with some other fun things about Gatorland!! Listen to the whole interview here!