There’s a trailer online for an upcoming indie movie called “The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson” and apparently, this story is a bit different because O.J. Simpson is NOT the killer.

Instead, it seems like they’re placing the blame on Glen Rogers, a serial killer who once claimed to have killed Nicole and Ron Goldman.

If you stopped caring about the murders after the trial in the mid-’90s, you may not be familiar with Glen.  His name has come up over the past decade as a suspicious character, and his story has been told on some true crime shows.

Apparently, he was working for Nicole as a painter around the time of the murders.  Glen has claimed that O.J. hired him to rob and potentially kill Nicole, but some say he may have become obsessed with her, and murdered her on his own.

Mena Suvari plays Nicole in the movie.  There’s no word on a release date yet.