Alexa, how am I feeling?

Go ahead and ask her.  Apparently, Amazon may be getting into the business of reading your emotions. Not on your sleeve, but your wrist.

According to Bloomberg reporters, Amazon may be developing a smart watch or smart band to have built-in microphones that pick up on emotions by listening to your voice.

Amazon patented some of that technology already back in 2017.  It shows a woman saying, “Alexa, I’m hungry,” while coughing and sniffling. Alexa hears that the woman is sick and offers a recipe for chicken soup and asks if she wants to buy cough drops to be delivered within the hour.

I may not want it, but perhaps we could have the husbands wear it? We actually might be able to figure out what they really feel when they say “Yeah, you are right.” Or, “Sure, invite your Mother over” means.

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