Christmas doesn’t need to be all about what Santa brings the kids, does it?

I searched Toy Insider for the hottest toys this season and I found many in the 8-year-old plus category that I think many of us would enjoy.

HARRY POTTER INVISIBILITY CLOAK: Budding Wizards and Muggles can appear and disappear. The cloak uses green screen technology.  Imagine how handy that could come in at work!

TOILET PAPER BLASTERS: SHEET STORM: The blaster transforms toilet paper into clean spitballs. It features rapid-fire pump action to blast spitballs up to 50 feet away. One roll of toilet paper creates more than 350 spitballs, with two spitballs per sheet.  Take that out when the kids are having their Nerf gun battles.

CARPOOL KARAOKE the GAME: It’s your chance to hold your own contest at home and not in front of people you don’t know at the corner bar.  Using your favorite music app or streaming service, select a song and duel other players — in song, dance moves, or celebrity trivia — for points.  Box does not include James Corden.

Now I just need to make sure I remain on the NICE list!