Elections can bring “baaad” vibes and can be “ruff” on voters and it isn’t any different in one Vermont town.

Lincoln the Nubian goat is up for mayoral re-election this March and another four-legged competitor has thrown a bone in the ring, Sammy the German Shepherd.

Last year, the town manager came up with the pet mayor election to raise money to rehabilitate a community playground and to get kids civically involved.  Last year, the goat’s election raised over $200.

It costs each voter $1 to cast their ballot that will benefit the playground fund.  In Illinois, in some cases the voters get paid…

Sammy the dog already has an edge with the kids as he already is a regular visitor at the local school wandering the halls during the school day.

The position comes with responsibilities. The mayor marches in parades, manages the playground fund, and on occasion meets with the Board of Selectmen.

It is expected to be a tight race, both Lincoln the goat and Sammy the dog are equally popular, but pundits are betting on Sammy for the win.  Seriously, who is gonna mess with a German Shepherd?

Election day is March 3rd.