Think about the things we do out of convenience, even though we know they’re bad for our environment.  A new survey reveals the most common ones…

1.  Buying single-use batteries instead of rechargeable ones.

2.  Using plastic straws.

3.  Using paper or plastic bags at the grocery store instead of reusable bags.

4.  Using plastic bags for fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.

5.  Leaving lights on when you’re not in the room.

6.  Buying bottles of water instead of carrying a reusable bottle around.

7.  Leaving stuff plugged in and on when you’re not using it, like a computer or printer.

8.  Driving somewhere when you could have walked.

9.  Throwing away jars or containers for things like spaghetti sauce instead of washing them out so they can be recycled.

10.  Always using your dryer instead of a clothesline.

 The survey also finds that 70% of Americans now believe climate change is real…  finally.  But only 57% of us would be willing to pay just $1 a month to help fix it.

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