Back in college, if you were suffering from a “dry spell,” romantically, you relished the title of “born-again virgin.” That was, if you hadn’t been amorous with your sweetie or anyone for over 6 months. But many Americans are admitting to a dry spell of epic proportions.

How worried are you? Researches say you really shouldn’t be concerned, even if you’re married. ALL couples go through a time where there’s less happening in the sheets, but they emphasize to keep communicating, and keep moving forward.

The story, published in One Poll also recommended you don’t worry because 28% of the rest of Americans are in a sexual dry spell, too!

Leave it to us to find a silver lining! Those who’ve said it’s actually beneficial to take a break from booty also say it saved them money, they had more time to spend with friends, and they had a better understanding of who they were.