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DATELINE: somewhere in the United Kingdom

Sure, when you ask someone if they have a favorite kid, the classic line is, “Oh, I love all of them the same.”  But has anyone ever asked the kid?

A new survey from over the pond found half of us have a favorite parent.  And moms are almost three times more popular than dads.

Around 40% said they like their mom more than their dad.  Only 14% said Dad’s their favorite.

This part’s also interesting:  The survey found a lot of us switch allegiances.  And not just once, but TWICE in our life.

We start out liking Mom more.  Then a third of us go over to Dad’s side by age 13.  But that only lasts a few years, and a third switch back to Mom by age 20.

Also, 21% of men in the poll described themselves as a “mama’s boy” . . . 22% of women said they’re a “daddy’s girl.”

And 13% of parents admit they’re jealous, because they know they’re not the favorite.

I’ll tell you this…if that kid ever plans on moving back home and if they know what is good for them – they should think long and hard about their answer….