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Dateline: Somewhere in Northern Brazil

A parrot has been taken into custody in northern Brazil following a police raid targeting crack dealers.  According to local media, the bird had been taught to alert criminals if the police were coming by shouting: “Mum, the police!”

The parrot, who has not been named, was arrested this past week when officers swooped in on a drug den run by a local couple.

One officer believes the bird must have been trained for calling out the cops for as soon as the police got close, he started shouting.

Reports say after being caged up, the parrot now has kept his beak shut and is not squawking about the drug operation.

They even brought in a local vet to interrogate the two-winged wrongdoer and has confirmed that the parrot is not cooperating; “Lots of police officers have come by and he’s said nothing.”

The “Jail Bird” was handed over to a minimum-security local zoo and has been sentenced to three months learning to fly before being released.