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Dateline: SAFETY HARBOR, Florida

Authorities say earlier this month a burglar broke into a Florida home, cooked himself an early morning breakfast and told the resident there to “go back to sleep.”

The homeowner told investigators he awoke to discover the man cooking and eating sometime after 4 a.m. Tuesday.  Probably to the smell of bacon!  Who could sleep with that amazing smell wafting throughout the house!?!

The local Tampa TV station reported the burglar ran from the house when the resident called 911. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office tracked down the suspect in a wooded and swampy area behind the home.

Deputies said Gavin Crim, a 19-year-old Marine, allegedly entered the home through an unlocked rear door and can make a mean Eggs Benedict!

An arrest report mentioned that the suspect may have been under the influence of a Bloody Mary.