You’ve been trying to climb the proverbial corporate ladder for years now, and your best brown nosing has gotten you nowhere. What are you missing?

If you want to be the boss-man’s star in the office, don’t just suck up. “Subtlety” is the new black this year!

  1. Find ways to help your boss succeed. If they’re looking good, that shine will rub off on you, too. It’s called ‘managing up’, and they’ll definitely appreciate it!
  2. Gratitude always wins! Say thanks more often, even if their feedback is negative; be glad for the feedback, and they’ll be warmer to you. (that’s a tough one, but worth it!)
  3. Be the early bird! Get to work early–people who do seem more competent! And if hours are flexible, just tell them you’re more productive in the later hours.
  4. If YOU can solve the problem, DO it! Solve problems on your own, show initiative, and figure it out. If you can’t, go to them with your questions, but also have a solution in mind so you’re not just coming to them with problems.

Now dive back into that office pool, and take some victory laps–you’ll be the boss’ fave