St. Patrick’s Day landing on a Sunday is a little trickier to navigate than others, because you’re supposed to show up to work bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Mondays. So, how can you discreetly call off work on Monday with raising too many eyebrows? CNN compiled a short list that will keep you in good graces at the office:

  1. Keep it brief–tell the bossman as little as possible; no need to list every fake ailment, since more specifics create more suspicion
  2. Call out your own bad timing–you and your supervisor BOTH know St. Pat’s was yesterday, so not bringing it up is a red flag.
  3. Share only with people at work who NEED to know–just fill in your immediate co-workers and immediate supervisor, the people most affected by your absence.
  4. Be realistic with what you’ll accomplish–if you truly feel sick, it’s acceptable to say you won’t be taking calls and emails (don’t over-promise).