Many kids hit the classroom this past week, my 8th grader starts Monday – and although there may be some glee in our homes, don’t forget about the warriors that give of themselves every day to our kids – the teachers!

Just like our everyday, they may have some challenges and need a little bit of encouragement to get them through.

I found the “Teachers Wine School Year Survival Guide!”

First Day of School Riesling; Ready to welcome you new darlings to the 2019-20 school year?  What you’ll need is a glass of Riesling – just as sweet as one of the apples a kid brought to school for you.

Class Pet dies Zinfandel; Should you decide to get a class pet and the goldfish doesn’t make it to Open House Night, Zinfandel is said to help with the trauma.

Open House Chardonnay; Speaking of Open House night…should you feel the need to “Pre-Game,” because you have a pretty good idea of who you will be meeting that night, a nice Chardonnay should set you up for a welcoming evening.

Planning Pinot Grigio; Lesson Plan Block? You need to plan the next month of lessons and you can’t even decide what’s for dinner that night!  Pinot Grigio is said to help with brainstorming!

Three Day Weekend Prosecco; Not to worry, there’s a three-day weekend on the horizon with Labor Day not too far off, experts recommend Prosecco for your Sunday day-drink.

There’s a wine for every scenario!  Want to find more?  Click here!