Chicago’s thawing out after one heck of a cold winter, and now that Spring is here, there’s much to do at our local concert venues. It’s time again to lay the grass seed for the lawn seats, and post concert line-up schedules for the summer.

It’s hard to decide which of your favorite bands to see each summer, and often, it’s because prices for tickets are astronomical! Otherwise, you’d see them all, wouldn’t you?

For once, it’s actually a good thing that Chicago didn’t top this list–because these cities have the most expensive tickets in America:

-Las Vegas @ $204 a ticket (they have more concerts than any other city in the U.S.

-San Jose @ $167

-Miami @ $166

-San Antonio @ $159

-Dallas @ $158

-New York @ $158

7-New Orleans @ $145

8-Houston @$142

9-Los Angeles @ $140

10-Chicago @ $140

Are these prices out of your price range, or is it 100% worth it?