What chores are you assigning the kids this summer?  Because let’s face it, summer vacation is always rough on parents!  I just don’t want to come home after work with additional clean up because of the kids that were “chilling” all day.

We drew a Chore Chart up for the 13-year-old this week and needed to update it a few times. After telling him it was updated all I heard was, “You put MORE on there?!”

Several of my friends on FaceBook shared a few ideas with me:

A mom of a 9 and 11-year-old shared that her kids everyday have to read straighten their rooms, make beds, empty dishwasher, empty recycling/garbage cans, set table & help with dishes. Then every day, they have one larger chore like cleaning the bathrooms, laundry, vacuum, dust baseboards, clean the inside of the microwave, yard work….

Don’t burn the house down…there’s no age limit there.

In one house filled with high schoolers and college kids their check list includes: turning off lights when you leave a room, checking if all the windows are open before you blast the AC, or the heat and after you cook a frozen pizza – turn the oven off!

There is 79 days until the first day of school….

What are your kids doing for you this summer?