How often do you come across a story while surfing the internet and you resist the urge to check it out – well, that’s why I’m here!

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Dateline Marlborough, Massachusetts

A Boston area man came home from work with his son to find something amiss; a clean house.

At first, Nate Roman thought that they had been robbed. But upon further inspection, he discovered that nothing was missing and his home was sparkling clean.  On the morning of May 15, the house was its usual mess.  You know, toys and clothes all over his son’s room, dishes in the sink….

When Roman and his son returned home that day, they discovered that the door was unlocked.  There were signs that someone had been in the house.

The kid’s room, which was a wreck when they left that morning, was neat as a pin. He also found his room in the same pristine condition.

“Rugs were vacuumed, everything was neat and put away,” Roman said.

He immediately called the police, and they took the incident very seriously.  However, there was nothing missing or damaged.  Police had very little to go on.

The time stamp on the door security sensors showed that whoever it was stayed in the house for about 90 minutes.

Later, he discovered roses made from toilet paper in the bathroom, a detail that made him realize this was probably the work of a professional.

I’m thinking it could have been a passive-aggressive Mother-In-Law trying to send a message.

CNN has the story. Check it out here!