Cold Season = Whiskey Season

It’s the time of year many of us would like to wear HazMat suits when we leave our homes so we don’t catch a cold.  Who wants to feel miserable for weeks on end because of other germy people? The runny nose, the cough and sore throat can drive you crazy!

New research suggests instead of the over the counter medicines to battle your symptoms, use whiskey!

Doctors say that when you take whiskey, it causes your blood vessels to dilate more and make it easier for your mucus membranes to handle the cold virus infection, helping reduce your symptoms.

Cold infections happen when it’s cold outside.  Whiskey warms up your body!

Doctors also say that whiskey may not be the cure all – but I’ll tell you it tastes better than that icky bubble gum flavored medicine we took when we were kids!

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