I was on I-88 headed west this past week and saw cars jammed with stuff to outfit dorm rooms as college kids return to school.

I found an article from NBC News with some good advice for parents dropping their kids off to college for the first time.

A couple of things they share:

The first year isn’t forever…there’s Facetime, don’t let them come home if they get homesick…Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.

Skip Parent’s Weekend….getting a room or getting into a restaurant will be impossible.  Plus, tons of other folks will be there.  Go the next weekend and most likely you will be the only parents visiting.  It will probably be a better visit.

Don’t stick around when you move them in.  This will give them something to do when they first get there, plus the college may have freshmen events going on the first day that doesn’t include parents.

If you want to see what else they suggest, click here!