How often do you come across a story while surfing the internet and you resist the urge to check it out – well, that’s why I’m here!

I find these things so you don’t have to!

Dateline: Huntsville, Alabama

A dispute over crab legs at a dinner buffet ended in a brawl and now two people facing misdemeanor charges.

Huntsville police officer Gerald Johnson says he was eating at the Meteor Buffet restaurant when a fight broke out.

Johnson told the local TV station that diners were using service tongs like fencing swords, plates were shattering and a woman was beating a man. Apparently, the cranky diners had been waiting in line for crab legs for more than 10 minutes and lost their tempers once the food came out.

The station reports Chequita Jenkins is charged with assaulting John Chapman, who suffered a cut on his head. Chapman is charged with disorderly conduct.

I would be worried about what would happen on Lobster Night!