Fall just arrived and is already proving to be unpredictably annoying.  Just recently, the Farmer’s Almanac predicted plenty of snow, sleet, rain and ice across the nation for us this winter.

Some folks just go by weird warning signs that winter is going to be a nightmare.

Like the sign of this uber creepy spider that greeted my friend Carl at eye level leaving the house the other day!  They say if you find more spiders entering your house in great numbers, it is going to be a bad winter!

Country Living and Fast Company magazine shared the pretty quirky signs to look out for this fall to predict how harsh the winter will be:

  • Thicker-than-normal corn husks
  • Early departure of geese and ducks
  • Raccoons with thick tails and bright bands
  • Ants marching in a line rather than meandering
  • Frequent halos or rings around the sun or moon forecast numerous snowfalls

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