Dana Carvey and Michael Myers had a rocky relationship for years, and part of the reason was because Dana felt that Mike stole the Dr. Evil character from the “Austin Powers” movies from him.

Dr. Evil was partly based on “Saturday Night Live” boss Lorne Michaels, and Dana says he was the first cast member to do an impression of him back when they were on the show.

On the “Howard Stern Show” yesterday he said, quote, “The pinky thing was a made up thing.  Lorne doesn’t do that, but somehow it fit.  The pinky thing I did do.”

When asked if he ever confronted Myers about it, he said, quote, “We never really talked about it.  I talked about it to the therapist.  There are a lot of moments in my life I wish I was more directly straightforward . . . [But] I’ve basically let it go.”