Can it be true? “They” are now trying to tell us that tequila is fun on a Friday night, but also good for a diet? Yup.

We can’t make this up. This, according to Rare:

“The sugars that naturally occur in agave are called agavins, and are non-digestible, which means they don’t raise your blood sugar. Researchers tested the tequila on mice, who consumed the agavins and found they had a lower blood glucose level in the end. The effects were stronger than other artificial sweeteners like aspartame and agave syrup. The mice that consumed agavins also produced a hormone called GLP-1, keeping their stomach fuller longer and produce insulin.

“What does this mean for us humans? The reason why scientists believe it could be beneficial for people is that agavins can help people feel fuller longer, with a desire to eat less. Not only is this beneficial for weight issues, but also has an interesting outlook for people with diabetes with a lower level of glucose.”

So, will you be saying “Cheers!” or “Yuck”?