Do You Know Someone Who Leaves a TIP LIKE THIS? Ugh.

If you know someone who thinks this tipping “hack” is a good idea, then you know a truly TERRIBLE CUSTOMER (who really should only choose fast food, where no tip is required).

A social media post offered a so-called way to “receive the best service of your life” at restaurants…  only, it’s much more likely to cause the opposite, because it is so insulting. 

The Facebook post, which originally made the rounds in 2016, recommends you leave five single dollar bills (!!???!!) on the table, at the start of the meal; then remove one for each “mistake” your server makes.  BAD “TIP.”  

The unnamed (of course!) poster writes, “The waitress kept looking at it as if she was confused.  But she played her cards right, did a great job and received the whole 5 bucks.”  UGH.

Of course outrage ensued in the comments with one former waiter responding, “Please don’t ever do this. Ever.” 

Another points out, “All you need to know about someone is how they treat a waiter.”  TRUTH.  

PLUS:  If someone really thinks a five dollar tip is ever appropriate for a more-than-one-person-meal, that someone likely grew up under a rock.



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