Almost HALF of Us Have Faked an Excuse to Get Out of Plans

47% of us have faked an excuse to get out of plans with someone, according to a new survey.  And when we do skip out on plans, we’re most likely to do it over text.

Apparently, we probably should be blaming Netflix for it.  Researchers say 76% of us want sit at home and binge-watching something.

43% of people who’ve faked an excuse said they feel guilty when they cancel.  That includes 47% of women and 39% of men.  But 61% also said they feel a sense of relief.

52% of people who’ve faked an excuse said they sometimes “go the extra mile” by EMBELLISHING it to make their excuse more believable.

27% of fakers said they’ve avoided social media so they wouldn’t get caught in a lie.  26% have turned their phone off.  And 15% have turned all the lights off in their home, just in case someone checked in.

100% of us have found ourselves in these situations should you be avoiding the in-laws…..