Don’t Dwell, Hug It Out!

It’s obvious to people (who don’t mind being touched) that hugging makes people feel better on so many levels. A new study proves that those who received just one hug on a “bad” day didn’t end up letting that “thing” ruin their entire day–the good feeling even carried into the next day!

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh tracked 400 men and women for two weeks, and at the end of each night, they were asked how their day went. The questions included asking about social activities, conflicts they’d had, resolutions to those conflicts, and then: whether or not they hugged anyone that day.

The results will have you hugging in no time: The study found that when people received at least one hug on the same day something bad happened, they didn’t dwell on the moment, they got over it quicker and for longer.

So essentially, being hugged prevented a sour moment from ruining the whole day!



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