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Dateline: Somewhere in Ohio

The bride, Riva Weinstock looked beautiful with her crisp white dress and beautifully done hair and a glowing smile on her face when she arrived at the church….until she saw who her younger brother’s date was, a llama.

It all started five years ago when Riva was on a long drive with her brother, Mendl.  She was continually talking about her wedding plans as if it was happening the next day. She wasn’t even dating anyone!

The non-stop talk made the younger brother crazy, so as little brothers do, he blurted out something that he knew would get a good reaction out of her.

‘If you make me come to this wedding, I’m going to bring a llama with me.”

And that he did….it blew up all over Reddit this past week.

I suppose this will just inspire other little brothers to start planning their April Fools Day pranks on their older sister!

Thanks CNN for the laugh….Check it out here!