This driver thought, “Why not the lawnmower?” He thought wrong…

In this Tuesday, July 9, 2013 photo, a man drives his riding lawn mower over a set of train tracks, in Nelson, Ga. Located in the Appalachian foothills, Nelson is a tiny, hilly town with narrow, twisting roads. It's a place where most people know one another and leave their doors unlocked. As the national debate over gun control swirled in the spring, the tiny Georgia city made a statement supporting gun rights by passing an ordinance requiring gun ownership. Now a national gun control group is using a lawsuit challenging that law to send a message of its own. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Police say they aren’t going easy on the drunk Florida man who was caught driving his riding lawnmower on a Florida highway during a beer run.

After having knocked back ‘a few’ cold ones earlier, Port St. Lucie police say 56-year-old Kenneth Alleshouse was seen riding his red lawn mower down U.S. Highway One on November 3rd while hanging on to a case of beer.

Officers pulled Alleshouse over and immediately detected a strong odor of alcohol.  A blood-alcohol test revealed Alleshouse was three times over the state’s legal limit, and he was cited for driving under the influence. And yes, even on A LAWNMOWER. So don’t get any ideas if you’re warming up the riding snow plow this season!



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