A new survey asked people what fashion trends should disappear forever and, quote, “never return.”  The top answer was the Mullet:  43% of us would be happy if that NEVER came back in style.  Here are the top eight . . .


1.  Mullets, 43%.

2.  ’80s-style puffball skirts, 33%.

3.  Underwear as outerwear, 31%.

4.  Velour tracksuits, 28%.

5.  Crocs, 24%.

6.  Matching his and hers outfits, 24%.

7.  Wearing a skirt over pants, 24%.

8.  Skintight metallic bodysuits and leggings, 20%.

The survey also found the ’70s are the most iconic fashion decade in the past 50 years.  The ’80s came in second.